Need a New Sewage Pump in or Around Londonderry, NH?

If your home has a sewage ejector pump or septic ejector pump Southern NH Septic and Drain should be your first call!

Sewage and septic ejector pumps remove waste or "black water" from your home into either your septic tank or public septic lines. Damage to the pumps that are responsible to moving this water can cause backup into your leachfield, basement and living spaces.

What is a sewage ejector pump? If you have a finished basement, more than likely oyu have a sewage ejector pump. For most of your home, gravity moves "black water" from your toilets to your septic tank or public septic lines. However, in the basement, a pump is required to move waste up to ground level to access the sewer lines. As more and more homes have finished basements sewage ejector pumps are becoming more and more common. There are several warning signs to let you know your pump needs to be replaced and it's time to call Southern NH Septic and drain:

Sewage odor- If you smell sewage when you enter your basement this could be a warning sign that your pump is not emptying completely or there is a leak.
Your pump runs continuously- The pump should turn on ONLY when there is liquid that needs to be pumped out. If it seems that your pump is running continuously that could indicate a broken sensor and cause your pump to burn out
Fluid not being ejected- If you hear the pump run, but the pit where your pump sits is not emptying this could indicate a clog in your pump or not getting enough power to work properly. Both are key indicators failure is just around the corner.

Not sure if you need sewage pump replacement or repair services in the Londonderry, NH area? Contact us today to find out if you need to install a more efficient pump.

Why hire us for your sewage pump project?

Why hire us for your sewage pump project?

Whether you need dependable sewage pump installation or replacement services, our crew in Londonderry, NH can help. We guarantee top-notch services by:

Using reliable Goulds Pumps products for every new installation and replacement project
Locating sewer and water runoff drains and marking them before we leave your property
Finding septic tank lids for homeowners who don't know where they are

To learn more about our sewage pump replacement and installation services, call 603-508-9594 now.