Clean Drains Work More Efficiently

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Clogged or slow drains in your bathroom or kitchen can stop your home or business in it's tracks; and, if not handled properly can cause serious and costly damage to your entire septic and plumbing systems. At Southern NH Septic & Drain we have specially trained technicians who can diagnose your problem and implement the right solution in the most time and cost efficient manner to get your home or business flowing freely.

Septic Jetting
A slow drain may be more than just a hair clog. Here in NH it is often tree roots that have penetrated your pipes, or mineral buildup. Hydro jetting is known as one of the safest and most thorough methods to clean out stubborn pipe blockages.
We do more than just clean your pipes, what sets Southern NH Septic & Drain apart is that we care about the LIFETIME of your system. That is why we add BioClean (healthy bacteria) to your systems.

Camera Inspection
Southern NH Septic and drain has modern technology to identify problems within your pipes without having to dig up your yard! This can include finding tree roots, cracks, corrosion, grease buildup and leaks.

No clog is too big or too small - we can do it all!

No clog is too big or too small - we can do it all!

Camera scoping equipment allows our crew to locate your underground piping and septic tank without digging up your lawn. From there, we'll assess the damage and provide drain cleaning services that can:

Prevent future clogs by descaling old cast iron piping
Add healthy bacteria to your septic system by using BioClean
Get rid of drain clogs by removing backed up roots and grime

Keep your drains clean and prevent backups by scheduling sewer jetting services in or around Londonderry, NH today.